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It is a known fact wealth and power often attracts the attention of criminal elements. Influential individuals and corporate executives and/or their families may be targeted by parties with harmful intentions. Whatever the risk, Security Alliance will present our client with all measures required to mitigate it.

Our crisis response team consists of a variety of dedicated specialists who are chosen and assigned according to crisis characteristics. The response team includes an operations officer, assessment officer, intelligence experts, negotiators, SWAT/counter terrorism personnel, security personnel, psychologists and any professionals the situation requires.

All team members have extensive first hand experience in crisis situations, having managed and taken part in many rescue missions, hostage situations and critical national security missions, as well as cases of extortions and threats to blemish good reputation.

Should a crisis present itself, our crisis response team will also ensure operations continue with minimal impact to the client's daily routine, while at the same time making sure that an effective response is readily available to prevent additional incidents.