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At Security Alliance we believe that the essential building blocks of any successful enterprise consist of a total sense of security.

Security Alliance developed and acquired extensive experience in multi-level protection strategies, based on comprehensive threat analyses and vulnerability assessments.

Security Alliance's personnel possess highly unique and professional capabilities acquired over many years of experience in the field. This enables us to analyze and provide accurate and specific security solutions, incorporate protective measures, advanced technological systems, skilled personnel and unique work methods in both routine and emergency procedures within a relatively short timeframe.

Security Alliance's manpower is carefully picked from a diverse pool of former IDF special operations, Israel's national counter terrorism unit , Israeli security agency and law enforcement professionals, according to strict criteria of professionalism, moral standard and expression capabilities All personnel hold proven field experience, both in security missions and special operations.

Security Alliance protects the client and his family anywhere in the world. We provide high-risk close protection services with counter surveillance teams that ensure the safety of the client. By putting to use all technological and human resources at our disposal, we develop an integrated plan to ensure the best protection available.