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Security Alliance personnel’s brief resume of activities

Training Israel’s Prime Minister’s office and cabinet’s security personnel (unarmed combat and advanced protection methods)
Training Israel’s public transportation security personnel
training Israel’s overseas offices security personnel
training a division of Intel Israel’s security personnel
training Israel’s cruise ships and sea ports security personnel
Formation of an active security setup in Europe – recruiting, training, maintenance and ongoing supervision
VIP protection missions in Europe
Securing Mediterranean cruise ships
VIP protection training of an active European security team
VIP advanced protection training of European security team
Perimeter security scan for sabotage at an official VIP convention in King David, Jerusalem
Formation of a surveillance and alarm technological security setup for a residential compound in Europe (including the implementation of daily routine procedures)
Developing combat equipment kit for chemical/biological contaminated environments (opened/closed breathing system) – from research/design to production
Participation in hostage rescue missions in Israel during active service
Participation in many classified intelligence and anti-terror missions during active service