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The Security Alliance Risk management department uses detailed analysis techniques and tactical security procedures to identify both existing and potential problems.

We will conduct an inclusive security assessment; identify vulnerabilities and respective risk priorities, while taking into account tactical security requirements.

Personal risk assessment
Influential individuals and corporate executives may be vulnerable to different elements targeting them and/ their family. Whatever the risk, we present our client all measures required to mitigate it. We assess threats posed to clients and their families, encompassing all their activities, locations and means of communications. A detailed, tailor-made personal security plan and periodic reviews are then designed for immediate implementation, ready for our client's approval.

Facilities security assessment
Security Alliance assesses the vulnerabilities and corresponding risk levels on existing or planned facilities, including the setup of secured complexes and security systems upgrade.

Security Alliance utilizes an analytical approach that examines the security apparatus’ performance, evaluates systems and controls, and reviews existing structures as well as improves operational performance and supports long-term security and safety objectives.

Security Alliance's dedicated personnel accompany our clients through all solution stages and beyond, maintaining necessary discreetness and utmost reliability.