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Security Alliance sets the standards for security and protective operations training in the industry.

Security Alliance is designed to cover all aspects of security and law enforcement training. Our courses review and analyze past attacks and reveal newly developed proactive measures that have been successfully tested in real-life situations.

Our flag ship courses in counter terrorism and close protection, give real and proven tactical solutions to the most complicated scenarios, such as high-risk operations, evacuation from complex situations, protection from suicide bombers, hostage rescue situation, non conventional terror attacks and more.

Security Alliance also offers advanced courses to meet the clients' unique requirements such as aviation/maritime security, evasive/defensive/advanced driving, SWAT/ATU tactical combat, surveillance, counter-surveillance, defensive tactics, threat awareness/recognition, protective methods for unconventional scenarios, and more.

The techniques and the training we provide have been tested in operations and in real life combat situations and have saved the lives of many civilians and security forces. Our instructors have extensive and proven experience in the field of instructing and training security officers and special counter-terrorism units all around the globe.