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We offer the following courses

For the private sector
1 Basic and advanced executive protection course
2 Money couriers/convoys tactical combat course
3 Public transportation security officer course
4 Maritime/aviation security officer course
5 Advanced driving methods course
5 Special CQC (Close Quarter Combat) training for security officers
5 Undercover, surveillance and anti-surveillance course

Military training
1 Basic and advanced weapons and CQC training
2 Basic and advanced navigations training
3 Long reconnaissance vehicle training
4 Intelligence training

Tactical police combat courses
1 SWAT fighter course
2 Advanced tactical HRT course
3 SWAT mechanical breaching course

Counter terrorism courses
1 Suicide bombers and bomb cars, sabotage and intelligence course
2 Mentality of "Jihad"- the roots of the conflict, knowing the opponent
3 Mentality of "Jihad"- basic and advanced Arabic language and the Koran
4 Unconventional hazards – understanding and managing complex situations

All courses will be available as approved by local and international law.